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WAFIOS Tube Bending machines
From brake-lines up to stabilizer bars – WAFIOS provides the solution for tube bending machinery

Minimized invest together with highest flexibility – Discover our RBV eco series

New solution for tube-hose-tube combinations with TWISTER²

Minimized cycle times in bending of stabilizer bars with RST 28

New BMZ 18 machine for bending stainless steel high pressure tubes

Range of Products

Processing machinery for metallic tubes and pipes

  • Tube forming lines
  • Tube machinery centers
  • Spare and wear parts for the tube industry
  • Handling Systems, feeding systems and logistics for the tube and pipe industry
  • Repair and rehabilitation measures

Tools, auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacturing and processing of metallic tube and pipes

  • Tools
  • Agents

Tubes, pipes, tube products and tube accessories

  • Seamless tubes made of ferrous metals
  • Seamless tubes made of non-ferrous metals
  • Welded tubes made of steel
  • Welded tubes made of non-ferrous metals
  • Other metallic tubes
  • Tubes made of non-metallic materials
  • Tubes in relation to the application
  • Profiles

Testing technology, sensor technology and quality assurance for the tube and pipe industry

  • Process testing & sensor technology

Software for the tube and pipe industry

  • Software for the design of tubes and tube products
  • Software for the design of piping sysytems
  • Simulation systems for the tube industry
  • Production Data Acquisition (PDA) systems
  • Tube Bending software
  • Other software

Special area PT – Plastic Tube

  • Competence area: industrial tubes and pipes

Services for the tube and pipe industry

  • Industry 4.0: Consulting and solutions
  • Paid work on tubes such as bending or coating
  • Education and training