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Dear visitor,

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are currently experiencing difficult times; naturally this has also affected the Tube 2020 expo. Following the difficult decision to cancel, we cannot all meet in Düsseldorf as usual. Nevertheless, we as the International Tube Association would like to keep in touch.A key purpose of the ITA is to encourage exchange and so here we offer colleagues and businesses throughout the sector a portal with services which enable and enhance contact. This is virtual support for all, since personal contact is clearly out of the question right now.

On this platform, companies have a space to present themselves and their products, and customers and business partners have the opportunity to contact them personally – both in writing and via video chat. A virtual networking space.
The site offers the following options:

  • Company contact details
  • Space for marketing material (videos, brochures, …)
  • Chat function
  • Video chat option
  • Live broadcast of presentations

Visitor registration is free. Take a look around.

Watch the video “How to navigate“

We are already looking forward to seeing you all – virtually – wherever you are. So that we can stay safe, and stay in touch.


How to navigate netForum

We’ve made a short video for you: on how to find the ITA’s new networking and exchange forum netForum (if you’re not already there!) and, once you’ve located the site, how to navigate it.
It shows you how to locate specific companies and the videos, etc., that they’re sharing; how to use the appointment feature to contact companies via e.g. the Video Chat; and how to join a Live event.


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1st ITA Web Conference, September 2020:

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the main steel tube and pipe markets

The world realised quite quickly that COVID-19 was going to be an event that would change the way societies operate for some time to come.

But the Coronavirus pandemic that has travelled around the globe in the past 10-12 months has impacted lives, economies and industries in some entirely unforeseen ways.

In the International Tube Association’s first entirely online Conference, a panel of four specialists from the steel tube and pipes sector take a look at the impact that the restrictions imposed by the pandemic have had on their industry.

They discuss just what, precisely, has changed for them and their companies. And they share how they have learned to adjust and refocus in order to help their business—and the economies in their part of the world—back into growth figures.

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